The Omni Senior Living leadership team is devoted to developing premium senior living communities with first-class amenities. We have over 30 years of experience in real estate development and investment as well as 20+ years of delivering high quality senior living operations. What sets us apart from our competitors is the diversification of our knowledge base and expertise that includes private equity, site development, construction, demographic analyses, working with municipalities, and operations that are sensitive to the needs of our residents. Consequently, Omni is able to control all aspects of an entire project, from breaking ground to full service implementation. This powerful combination ensures efficiency, lower risk, and higher rates of return to our investors. The Omni leadership team takes pride in developing senior living communities that are distinctive, dignified and desirable to all our residents and welcomed by the larger community.

Our senior residences, located throughout Ohio, are thoughtfully designed for seniors in all phases of their lives. Lifestyle options and amenities include well-appointed units, gourmet meals, life-enriching activities, quality medical care and responsive and consistent customer service.


Patrick Finley

Chairman and Founder

Thomas Finley

Executive Vice President

Michelle Goldthorpe

Chief Financial Officer

Stefanie Finley

Vice President of Fund Management

Kevin Stockmaster

Vice President of Finance

Gary Biales

Vice President of Development

Megan Kay

Megan Kay

General Counsel


Emma Ross

Emma Ross

Lead Market Analyst

Sam Kline
Sam Kline

Financial Analyst

Logan Finley 300x300
Logan Finley

Research Analyst

Mark Gregg 

Project Analyst


Colton Ferrari

Development Coordinator

Wade Dougherty 

Director of Acquisitions & Dispositions

Larry Apple

Project Development


Dave Lytle

Director of Construction

John Schiavoni

Director of Projects

Mike Janowski

Maintenance Supervisor

Matthew Kusa

Project Manager

Jeremy Wilson

Assistant Project Manager


Beth Lestock 

Accounting & HR Manager

Bryce Bauer

Project Accountant

Michelle Van Ness

Investor Relations Manager

Marybeth Finley

Accounts Payable Specialist

Lauren Mowles

Executive Support Administrator